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          Sunny  is an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer, major in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic / pneumatic presses and cylinders, die-casting trim press, broaching machine, auto leakage test machine, power units, lubrication systems and various kind of machines for automatic assembly, testing, riveting, forming and stamping, etc. from project to production, our know-how will answer to all your needs.


          Established in :  1966
          Annual Sales :  USD 7,000,000
          Capital :  USD 1,600,000
          Business Type :  OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Distributor Exporter / Agent
          Markets :  World Wide
          Main Products :  Cylinders, Press Machines, Broaching Machines, Testing Machines, Automatic Machine
          Location :  Taiwan

          Contact Detail

          CEO :  Mr. Waylans Kao
          Contact :  General Manager Waylans Kao
          Address :  No. 9, Lane 56, An-Kang Rd., Nei-Hu Dist. Taipei, 114 Taiwan
          TEL :  886-2-27912121
          FAX :  886-2-27910871
          Email :  sunny@sunnyent.com.tw
          URL :  https://www.sunnyent.com/


          1966   Established in May at capital NT$ 300,000.
          1970's   Be appointed the agent in Taiwan for Kawasaki, Nachi-Fujikoshi and Ihara in Japan.
          1978   Moved to present address and set up a Mass Production System to extend our business.
          1984   Certified as "A" Quality Control Factory by Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan since then.
          1988   Certified as M.C.S. (Mechanical Component Standard) factory by Ministry Economic Affairs in Taiwan since then.
          1989   Increased capital to NT$ 50,760,000.
          1996   Obtained ISO-9002 Quality System Certificate by D.N.V. (Det Norske Veritass) in Netherlands since then.
          2002   Obtained ISO-9001 (Version of 2000). Quality system certification.

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