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          Pneumatic Cylinder

          Manufactured by Sunny Enterprises, the Pneumatic Cylinders are practical machinery tools frequently seen among the industry. These specific machines can generate force to help the operation more convenient. And as for the energy supply problem, the Pneumatic Cylinders are powered by compressed gas (basically, air), which is not a rare energy to obtain.
          The equipment made by Sunny Enterprises are outstanding machines, providing excellent performance to customers who always care about the quality, and cannot accept any system failure during the operation of their production line.
          If you are interesting in our Pneumatic Cylinders, please just send your inquiry to us. We're willing to help you with our best service!

          Hydraulic Cylinder

          The hydraulic cylinder is a very useful tool when it is used as double-acting applications. The tube of the machine is skived and roller burnished and made of precisely finished steel for extending the seal life. Its hard chrome plated provides corrosion resistance and minimizes tube scoring and seamless steel tube honed to 10/16 micro inch finish while the thicker wall is much better than traditional low pressure cylinder. Because the ticker wall decreases the wear on piston seal, the tube surface can give additional protection from leaks.
          The cartridge is floating and self aligning bearing, which is made from ductile iron with the option of bronze or slip tuff coating, is retained by cap screws and the chrome plate provided for strength and shock resistance. The benefit of the floating condition of the cartridge on the hydraulic cylinder is to reduce the piston rod misalignment as deleting side loading. Therefore, it’s easy to remove the rod seal from a wiper maintenance without any special tools to disassemble the product.
          The rotating gland on the equipment is adjustable by using a spanner wrench to rotate the gland and can be rotated in 360 degree. It’s a high quality adjustable vee packing that supported on both ends by nylon bearings and offer maximum seal life while increase support against side loading during operation. The hydraulic cylinder allows users to make port alignments as they require while the port is recessed to increase the design of the slender product. Some of the ports are on the fixed base and some of the ports are located on the rotating gland. The port on the gland is in a clock-wise direction, vise versa is applicable.
          It’s not suggested to rebuild the construction and replacement of the components when the hydraulic cylinder is broken, however, if you want your work more efficient, we strongly suggest replacing an entire hydraulic cyclinder. Please feel free and contact us for more info.

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